dinsdag 31 januari 2012

Come you stupid sparrows

Rose bushes like over eager teenagers
budding in January before their season
and we the people keep smiling 
cause the sun is shining and 
it ain't too cold
and the sparrows are singing in 
the barren trees and 
we have yet to suffer a real winter freeze
and I am wondering if due to global warming's 
affect on the price of oil in the middle east
if the airline prices this year were
just too expensive for those damn sparrows
to by a ticket for somewhere warmer in the south.

While walking the dog this morning
Nature caught me by the arm 
and stopped to ask me
if I knew when the first frost would be coming.
Complaining that she was over tired and that
the bears and the raccoons and the deer and all 
the forest creatures were just a bit out of sorts
wandering aimless insomniacs during this
deceptively  mild treasonous season.
Nature went further to say that her cousin 
spring seemed to have lost all patience 
and could not wait for the prom
while her step brother the Fall 
was acting like a stubborn ex-lover 
who won't take the hint
and just let go.

I invited Ms. Nature in for a cup of coffee or tea
 and a homemade cookie, 
but she declined and said
that she would have to take a rain check 
for a more in-climate  day.
Seeing as it was so pleasantly warm for this time of year
what zonder it would be to stay inside, she said.
I am going for a walk 
along the beaches of Zandvoort and Boemendal,
 Nature proclaimed.
What a pleasure to do so on a Tuesday morning
with the sun shining such lovely rays of ignorance upon us.
Plus with the rest of world working and worrying and all the
German tourists back in Hamburg, Nuremberg and Marienberg
the beaches are finally free of debris.
And I have a hankering for some kibbeling
with whiskey sauce and a sea breeze,
said Ms. Nature before she summoned all her forest friends 
and stated  "Sorry rose bush try not to freeze, 
come you stupid sparrows 
through the dunes and on to the sea!"

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