donderdag 23 december 2010

Wait a minute my life is still buffering


Wait a minute my life is still buffering…

Previously on sitting on my ass
While scratching my balls…

Watching television series
A waste of time

I love to waste time…

In 22 and 42 minute segments
Commercial free
A buffered life.
Streaming someone else’s consciousness
Downloaded behind locked doors and pulled shades
Wasting time waiting wanting.
I am a torrent alight of gigabytes
Need me watch me delete me.
God bless the Pirate Bay
for making it all
Free Free Free!

I feel like I live in another world
Or is it the after world or am I just
LOST, another television zombie
amongst The Walking Dead
burying myself Six Feet Under
Am I the bastard Son of Anarchy
Or the distant ex of a serial killer
Named Dex.
My own procrastination
recognizable in the
Manchild gratification
Of a sunny day in Californication.
My head overcrowded, my mind overgrown
Full of Weeds rotting out the wood work
Of my very own Boardwalk Empire
The Grey matter of my Anatomy has
Become bubble gummed and romantically glum
The Modern Family like any family
Is easy to tolerate in half hour doses.
I would rather spend an eternity in Hell-’s Kitchen
Suffering Satan with a silly English accent
Then playing Master-butory Chef suffering dutch fools.

Sometimes I think that Breaking my Bad behavior
Is an improbable dream.
I need a revelation
Some determination
a Big Bang Theory of my very own
to prove to myself
that I am not a monkey in a cage
but just a man stuck in one period
of his own evolutionary phase.

But, I do love the narcosis of giving up time
My head resting low on my shoulders
slouched zoned out reality drowned out
behind the soft white glow of the computer screen.

Life like Domino’s pizza cut up into segments
Stories not my own transferred to my hardeschijf .
Some things, I may never understand
are the people who watch
The Voice of Holland, Glee or CSI
to the people who watch these sort of series
I just have one thing to say…
Get a fucking life!

Joshua S. Baumgarten

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