donderdag 27 januari 2011

Cryptic Carnival

Cryptic Carnival

Is it any wonder
That in this world of twisted perception
Admittance to the carnival is
Non optional
You don’t even get asked if
You want to buy the ticket or not
It just is.
Cotton Candy pushed into one hand
Popcorn into the other
Kicked in the ass
Out of the uterus
and pushed through the opening
in the circus tent flaps of the
vagina door.

Welcome to the world.

Shit, the bearded lady or a two headed dog
Pales to what you may come across
In your day
in day
out life.
Is it really any wonder
that people don’t dare to say hello
to a stranger passing on a deserted street.
How can one
describe what one
can hardly fathom.
The newspapers deliver headlines
Oozing like diarrhea
Spraying out what the advertisers pay
them to say
in as few constipated words as possible.

Syllables stutter off my tongue
As I read this poem,
Not really knowing where it is attempting to go,
What I am trying to say.
Just a weave of ideas, rants and subtle rhyme
To break the cold silence of time.

I am relieved that devastation is momentarily another
Mans problem.
I know that all this can change
In less time than it would take for a butterfly
To fart in the ear of a priest in Bejing
a killer bee to sting an illegal south American immigrant in San Diego
or a B’boy to put a B’bullet in another B’boyz brain
in the outskirts of another busted up inner city scenario.

Living separated, cardboard walls of muffled shouts
Riding in metro cars over crowded with self delusion.
At a certain time today we will all do something that
we are unaware
that we always do,
And will continue to always do so
To the annoyance of someone close to us.

Offer the world another way to look at itself,
And you may be accused of being too dramatic,
Maybe even labeled a socialist
A linkse hobbiest.

Shoulders hunch when asked vague questions,
Like what is the meaning of it all.
Questions like,
Why didn’t you say anything when
You saw the hummingbirds pick out the eyes
Of the underfed and overly bloated

Why? Because we, like everyone
You and me included.
thought that it was all
Part of the show
The freakshow of our days
The twisted wonder of our minds
What lies inside the circus tent flap
The price of admission to the Carnival
That is our lives.

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