maandag 26 december 2011

For the Believers and the Deceivers


T’is the season to revel and dishevel
To look back upon all the memories of the year gone past
To unlock the skeletons accumulated in our closet
And unleash the ghosts of all the holidays gone past.

A time to feel sorry for all those that
We couldn’t be bothered to look at twice
As we rush through the dag in dag uit sludge of
Our daily compulsions

To be shocked and awed at the
Ugly repulsion that is In God we Trust
And the need to spread democracy
Like a junkies hunger and our material lust.

Tis the season to defy all reason
And stuff our faces till our bellies surge
Like a tsunami over our waistlines
A time to remember that what is yours is yours and
Hands off, cause What’s mine is mine.

It’s a time to feel pity on the poor and the sick
Those that we wouldn’t even touch on a normal day
With a ten meter stick
A time to give and a time to receive
As long as it is your own conscious that you please.

Donation seekers disrupt my evening meal
A euro for this a euro for that
Don’t they know that I couldn’t care less
That the poor are getting poorer and
I live like a fat cat.

For I am the Christmas consumer
Spending like a fool
The giving of gifts is the only way that
I can feel good about all the wrong that I have done.
But repenting will have to wait
for tomorrow I am heading off to a third world country
to revel in their Third world sun.

And to all those compassionate souls who sit in glass houses
I will volunteer to throw the first stone.
To smash the glass and cause a stampede
Cause Christmas is the time to give and
The creation of more chaos will help me
Feel better and give me the Christmas feeling that I need.

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