maandag 26 september 2011

Scratch my bitch

Life as an expat can be an exciting adventure for those who choose to live abroad and delve into a foriegn culture. It creates an oppurtunity for one to broaden their own horizon when it comes to the understanding of another culture. As an expat myself, i truly believe that the expierence I am living through now has helped me to understand other persons from diverse backgrounds in a very deep and dynamic way. But sometimes, I just don't fucing get it. It...what...people, life...this fucking world.

Ok, Here is my bitch. All over the world, countries are more focused then ever to force new residents to attend courses where the new immigrants/expats learn about the history, the culture, the customs, the proper response to seeing two men kissing, in their new land of residence. What is most stressed upon by naturalized citizens of these countries is the fact that the new immigrants have to learn to speak the mother tongue of that land. New citizens have to learn to speak the language to get on in a new society. I agree to with this point, to a certain extent. But that is not what I am getting at here.

What I am trying to get my head around here is, why is that on one of the Netherlands most viewed television shows, "The Voice of Holland" do almost all the contestants sing in fucking English? Ok, I know the immediate response is, "well English is an international language and if you want your music to be heard....blah blah blah bleh." I know something like 95% of Dutch musicians/singers perform in English. Ok so what, I don't care unless their english sucks and their lyrics sound like they were written by junior high school prepubescent jerk offs. All I am saying is why call the a show "The Voice of Holland" when your contestants don't sing in Dutch? Huh? I mean how many times a week do I have to deal with someone saying to me, "oh, I should speak Dutch to you." No shit, and say that in Dutch too! And then I start speaking in Dutch, and halfway through the conversation I am butchering the Dutch language and the Dutch person is talking in some fake British accent and I am yawning.

My point bitch...If you are going to single someone out as the voice of wherever they are from, shouldn't they be performing in that countries mother tongue. Otherwise back off all the fucking immigrants for not learning the language and let them jabber away in what ever jawah taal they want. And you Dutch folk, I know you like to practice your english, your little love/hate relationship with everything not Dutch and American. Your Miami wet dreams and Hollywood wannabe boners, Well if you want to singing in english, go ahead and do it. Just don't suck at it. I mean we already have plenty of Americans back in the States singing in english and they can't even speak the language either.


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