woensdag 28 september 2011

Scratch my Bitch...35,344 "restaraunts" in 98 countries, Haarlemtown too.

People of Haarlemtown it almost as if we live in heaven on earth. I mean all one has to do here in Haarlemtown to feel th wealth is to roll out of bed and stroll into town. There the bling bling of what humanity has to trade and sell in the common market is served to us all microwaved and packaged in paper. We are lucky people.
Opening soon here in H'town, a brand new Subway franchise, the McDonalds of sandwiches back in town. Smack dab right in the middle of town, one of the first things you will see (if you peddle with your eyes open) along the Kruisstraat, across from the Hema, when coming in to town. A fucking Subway. Come on H'town, we can do better than this. Or can we? I remember reading in the Haarlems Dagblad a number of months ago (yes, i read the paper everyday, i got my finger on the pulse) an article/interview with the previous business owner at the same location. Maybe some other people remember what used to be there as well, a belegde broodjes shop, a sort of delicatessean, an independent meat man, selling cold cuts, tuna salad, roast chickens, all that sort of stuff. He had to close up shop because the rent of the location became to high, and I guess the want for homemade sandwiches was not too highly in demand. So he is gone and in its place we get a Subway franchise, a place for pimpled faced teenagers to work and serve up standardized,commercialized food. Another chain store in the noose that is slowly strangling the independent business situation in Haarlem. Though to be honest, there are a number of independent shop owners who sell over priced bullshit all over town. Rents in the commericial district of this city are staggering and the "good will" to take over another business is obscene. Haarlem is becoming, has become just like all other city centers in the Netherlands. The same shops, the same shit everywhere. So it is easy when "travelling" in Holland, everything is familiar, no need to take a chance. So when tourists stroll into town from the station, stoned and hungry from their day in Amsterdam, the Subway will be there all neon and microwave ready to feed them their meal deal. Unless the fake stank of grilled meat from the Burger King in the station triggers their Pavlovian need to eat shit, first. It usually does mine.

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