dinsdag 27 september 2011

Scratch my Bitch...New Shoes.

I hate buying new shoes.

Well actually I don't really ever wear shoes. I think since I was 16 or 17 all I wear are some sort of combat/motorcycle/cowboy boot. Sometimes I might wear sneakers, but they seem like something that are meant only for the gym or for kicking a ball with. Unless you are some indie shoegaze rocker. Converse and Vans got co-opted by the mass hipsters long ago. Plus the pair of black velvet Pumas I bought last year still don't fit right and suffcate my feet everytime I try them on.
Shit kicking black leather boots are where it's at. Shoes are for office work. If you work in a job wear you have to wear shoes, it is probaly boring work that entails wearing a suit and tie to. I used to wear shoes and a tie when I waited tables. Fuck waiting tables. At least when I worked in the kitchen as a cook you get to wear rubber clogs. I do dig Crocs.
Buying new boots sucks. I wear my boots to the bitter end. Till the rubber soul is cracked and pealing off the bottom of the leather boot. Till my big toe can kiss pavement as I walk down the street. Once boots are broken in, they can carry your strut everywhere. But the process of breaking in the new boots is a painful one. I mean just going shopping for new ones is a pain in the ass. Do I get the same style, just like the ones I have been wearing for the last three years? Or should I get something new? I search for simple, but only find kick ass boots I can't afford or ugly ass cheap imitations that are embarassing even to look at. Plus the dude standing in the corner, he who followed me upstairs into the men section, readjusting every boot I pick up to look at when I put them back. I pick up as many as possible to give him something to do, then say thanks and walk out of the store. Stepping in a puddle, the water seeps through the cracks in the rubber soul of my left boot and soaks through to my sock. I laugh and hope to get down to Waterlooplein sometime next week.

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