zaterdag 23 oktober 2010

Love in the time of the Mexican Flu

...getting my head around the day. Brains a bit fried from last nights Irrational Library show with Kiki, Local Spastics and Wasted Years of Pumping Iron. Wow. and the new lp from MUHR. Yes....

so another poem...

In the time of Mexican flu

…And from out of the shadows
Come screams
Don’t take that shot
It will only make your immune system weaker…

…And as the euro dives like an eagle
With its combustible wings on fire
And the promises of a new world order
Are served super sized added calories
With no long lasting sustenance…

Change is still what you
Give to a bum
And love is the last line
Of a greetings card or the word uttered after
An orgasm before sleep.

Promise is poison
Truth is a slogan
And 50 percent off
Is still a suckers bet to buy into.

Oh, sarcasm and cynicism
The pure pornography of our decay
In buffered time.
Where is the true line of poetry.

In the stumbling mad rantings of
The seekers lost in doomsday delusion
Or in the weekly doses of reality by backlight
Talent contests Series t.v.

Who worries if tomorrow will be at all
Blessed are the few who sleep quietly
By night extinguished lamp light
Dream fluorescent dreams.

The answers to all that we question
may be found
In today’s sudoko.

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