woensdag 20 oktober 2010

Build that Mosque

So...why not...been on my mind...in my back pocket...anybody read these things...hmmm...we'll see....

Build that Mosque

I say go ahead and build that Mosque close by Ground Zero, with a BBQ Pork pit
Across the street, and a transsexual bingo parlor next store,

Let’s push toleration to its threshold.

I say go ahead and build that mosque

Build one next to the entrance of Auschwitz

In the city center of Sjarevo, in the rebuilt middle of Dresden, on the sandy shores of Normandy
In the middle of Hirsoshima,

Build that mosque in the middle of the ocean where the Titanic sank, in the grassy field where the Hindenburg crashed
In the Gulf of Mexico where the oil slick suffocates the sealife
On the banks of the Mississippi where Katrina roared her opera of rain

Build that mosque in the middle of Tiananmen Square where the tanks once went belly to belly with the students of simple rebellion

Build that mosque on the Dark Side of the Moon where maybe Waters and Rogers might get along

In every shopping mall from Hartford, Conn. To Orange County, California

In the middle of Waco, Texas where the Branch Davidians once roamed armed to the teeth with bibles, incest and automatic machine guns

Build one in the middle of the White House, so Obama can secretly prey and preach from the inside out, cause we all know that he ain’t Christian and surely he ain’t really a red blooded American.

Build that mosque in the heart of Alaska inside Sarah Palin’s mouth so her and her Tea Bag cronies can continue their lunatic ravings in their own backyard and stay out of mine.

Build that mosque on top of Mount Rushmore in between the heads of Lincoln and Jefferson where freedom is the cobblestone of the ideal America.

Let’s build that mosque inside lady GaGa’s ego, inbetween Oprah Winfrey’s sagging tits, build a mini- mosque ontop of Mel Gibson’s oversized forehead, and one up Geert Wilders white bread jonge kaas ass.

Let’s tear down every Mc’Donalds and build in their place Mc’Mosques to serve fast food Korans and goat milk milkshakes.

Let’s just build that Mosque in the middle of the Amsterdam Arena, in the Efteling, the Burger Zoo, in the middle of Disneyland Paris, Michael Jacksons Neverland Ranch, under the Arch de Triumph, on top of the Eiffel Tower , in Carla Bruni’s over crowded bed, up Sarkozy’s big fat French nose…

Build that mosque on the Island where the gang from LOST used to be found.

Just go ahead and build that damn mosque close by to Ground Zero.

It’s not like
All the churches and synagogues have done us much good either.

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