maandag 25 oktober 2010

Maybe God

It rains
it shines
it seems as if mother nature is roaring
through menopause

Maybe God is bored with me.
Maybe god is an eight year old boy playing war with plastic toys
Maybe god is an eight year old girl playing modern dollhouse with two houses
One where mommy lives the other one for daddy and his girlfriend, one is much smaller than the other of course.
Maybe god left town after seeing his reputation rise and fall
No one told him to get into bed with so many permiscious mistress’s
Maybe god had one too many the last time he hit the bar
And maybe someone should have taken the keys before god
Got in the car.
Maybe god got bored with playing simple pranks like plagues and ordering pizzas to be delivered to the devils house.
So he devised emotions to keep us conflicted and at bay.
Maybe god is more than confusion and continious questions
Maybe god is sauntering the halls of the Galleria mall in the Westchester, NY
Maybe god has given out his last business card and hasn’t got the credit to print up more.
Maybe god is the last ferry across the harbor from the mainland to the other land.
Maybe god should be given a break, a day off, a moment to sit back and reflect, to be left alone.
Maybe god is a bad sun burn reminding us to cover up and stay in the shade.
Maybe god is a stand up comedian at an open mic night trying out new material and completely falling on his face.
Maybe god is the continious attempts to recognize humility lost in the stage lighting
Maybe God Is arriving late to work, again.
Maybe God is conscious of your thoughts and just doesn’t care.
Maybe God is walking through the Amsterdam red light district wondering where it’s at.
Maybe God is waiting in line to collect a welfare check at the unemployment insurance office, after being a victim of corporate downsizing.
Maybe God doesn’t agree with Al Gore at all.
Maybe God is lingering like a tequila aftertaste, the morning after, in someone else’s bed.
Maybe God is eating a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread and the creation of the world was a drop of mustard falling from his cheek.
Maybe God like most good people sometimes is divided between his own moral code.
Maybe God for better or for worse, got distracted somewhere along the line and could not find her shopping list in the chaos of her cosmic purse.
Maybe God got tired of being picked last for the team, and is bent on revenge towards all of the more sportive angels.
Maybe God is on a low carbohydrate diet and just doesn’t seem to have the energy to be in all places at all times.
Maybe god is a collection of impulse buys by the kassa before you hand over the cash.
Maybe god is the last question that lingers in regretful action.
Maybe god is just a poem with no clear end
just three dots that represent a continuation of thought.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Maybe God doesn’t agree with Al Gore at all.

    Perfect t-shirt slogan right there!

  2. Everything's explained in Franco Ferruzzi's great novel "Creation - God's autobiography". Available at a bookstore near you...