zaterdag 30 oktober 2010

Is there love in Amsterdam, Pakistan or Detroit.

Good luck today to all the people heading to Amsterdam in protest against the visiting English Defence League and all the other fascists.

Is there Love in Amsterdam, Pakistan or Detroit.

if god is love
and love is good
and this is the
time of the year
for god,
to love and be good

and the red light is crawling with the vermin
of men suffocating under their lust
and the whores are still selling their weary cunts
and around the Bijenkorf is over running with cunts acting like whores
and the leidsseplien is buckling under the weight
of beer bellies and blown out hop heads
and the kalverstraat is a vaccum of pin passes
scimmed and trimmed of their hard earned euros
and the streets of Detroit are crawling with 30% unemployment
and a large fraction of America is struggling and the world is wondering “Hey Obama, where’s it at?”

then what is love again.

If god is love
love is good
we keep kicking up dust in the desert
in the name of one god to destroy another god
and as bombs blow the limbs and shopping carts
off of the arms of women in Pakistan markets
then what is God again.

if love is god and
god is good
what is the excuse for all the recklessness, greed and abuse.

be it junkies
weilding smoldering crack pipes
or drug tourists blazing in the October sun
or consumers caught in a koop avond tornado
or bombs blasting and blazing in the
sandstorms of some bible based war
or the pickled promises of politicians
that preached change, change, change.
Or just people who have given up
and lost all hope and patience,
With the procedure.

If god is love
and love is good
and life needs to be filled with both
but can be easier when one is overwhelmed
with all that is prescribed to be good
and all the Hallmark card love, bullshit
then can someone remind me once more
what is god
what is good
what is love
what do the three things have to do with one another.

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